substitute items

Substitute Item List

Substitute Item List of Commonly Stored Items

Tower Fan  1 X-Large Box 
 Desk Top Fan  1 Medium Box
 2 or 3 Drawer Plastic Bin  1 X-Large Box
 Plastic Storage Tub/Bin  1 X-Large Box
 Regular Dorm Fridge           1 X-Large Box
 Large Fridge > 45” High  2 X-Large Boxes
 Office Chair  1 X-Large Box
 Golf Clubs  1 X-Large Box
 Microwave  1 Medium Box
 Computer, Printer or Monitor  1 Medium Box
 Boogie Board  1 Medium Box
 Skateboard  1 Medium Box
 File Cabinet or Night Stand  1 X-Large Box
 TV (Old tube type)  1 X-Large Box
 TV FS 32" -  40"  1 X-Large Box
 TV FS > 40"  2 X-Large Boxes
 Large Suitcase  1 X-Large Box
 Carry On Luggage  1 Medium Box
 Guitar  1 X-Large Box
 Foot Locker or Duffel Bag  1 X-Large Box
 Surfboard  2 X-Large Boxes
 Bike  2 X-Large Boxes
 Wall Mirror  1 Medium Box
 Other?  Inquire via Email


Note:  Boxes will not be provided for items above; Original boxes preferred but not necessary.  Items may be packed, but must be less than 70 lbs.


Refrigerators must be defrosted and wiped dry; items may be stored inside if overall weight is less than 70 lbs.


*  Wall mirrors must be protected with cardboard wrapping (available on request) and there is no guarantee of return (item will be discarded if it breaks for safety reasons).