Do you really pick items up directly from my dorm room?


YES!  But you may need to meet us at our vehicle or your building entrance so you can escort us to your room.


Are there any discounts available?


Yes, but only for a limited time.  If you reserve your space before April 15th by placing your order on-line, you will receive a whopping 20% off discount off the summer storage package pricing.


ALSO, refer a friend - receive a 10% discount for every "NEW" customer referral that results in a paid order.  For every referral, you can receive 10% each; i.e. five referrals would equal a 50% discount, plus ordering by April 15th gives you another 20% discount - you would pay ONLY 30% of the total price - a 70% discount.


Can large or irregularly shaped items be stored at your facility?


Yes, we virtually store anything, including cars and mopeds.


My departure plane leaves early in the morning; will you pick up my items early?


Our pick ups normally begin around 9:00 am and we might not get to your location early in our schedule.  To avoid missing a flight, please consider having your items picked up the day before.  Bedding for the night will have to travel with you in your luggage or be left behind if you choose this option.


My return flight arrives in the afternoon; will I be able to have my items delivered to me once I arrive and check-in to my dorm/apartment?


Our deliveries are normally completed by 1:00 pm.  Deliveries after this time might be possible with a small surcharge but we recommend having your items delivered the following day after your arrival or next available scheduled delivery date, whichever is sooner, which might require you to travel with your bedding.


I'm returning early to Hawaii and I don't see a delivery date available; when can I receive my items?


Our cost structure is based on servicing multiple students on scheduled delivery days when dorms become available for move in.  If you are unable to wait for a scheduled delivery day, special deliveries are possible with a surcharge for fuel and overtime costs ($50 weekday/$80 weekend).


Can my friend/roommate/landlord be present for the pick up and/or delivery of my items?


Yes, but we will need your permission and your authorized agent's name and cell phone number provided in writing on an email.  If an agent is required for your pick up, payment must be coordinated and can be done by phone and/or in advance or after-the-fact, depending on the situation.


How safe are the items stored at your facility?


At Trunk-It we make every effort to keep your items safe.  All items are stored in an indoor locked secure warehouse with full time security guard and 24hr video surveillance.  We do recommend additional insurance be obtained from yours or your parents' personal insurance or homeowner's policy.


Is the storage facility climate controlled?


Our warehouse is located 35 mile west of Honolulu in Makaha Valley on the dry side of the Oahu. The facility is brick construction and has no exposed walls to the sun allowing the warehouse to stay cool and dry all year wrong. Temperatures do not exceed 78 degrees Fahrenheit nor 30% humidity. 


Are there extra costs that can be incurred?


Possibly.  For instance, boxes must be packed less than 70 pounds each - a surcharge maybe assessed.  Trunk-it provides many days and times for pick up and delivery; however, if a special pickup or delivery is required an extra fee may apply (as much as $50 weekday and $80 weekend special delivery or pick up fees).  Missed delivery or pick up might require and extra charge.


Can I store items while on sabbatical of foreign study?


Yes, and the prices are very reasonable, since mosts of our costs are in the pick up and delivery of your items.


What if I don't return back to school?


If you desire, we will ship your items to you on the mainland or wherever you desire at a reasonable cost.


Other questions?


Send us an email with your questions to:  service@trunk-it.com