Packing Instructions

-  Please write your name on all four sides of every box and label items without boxes, ensuring the label will not fall of during handling and storage.

Please defrost your refrigerator the day before pick up.  Please put your name on the front door and on the inside.

Bag and seal all liquids and/or don't store any - sometimes they leak all over your stuff, especially laundry soap and laundry softener.  Please do not pack bleach and other harmful dangerous and flammable materials.

-  Avoid a hefty surcharge - no boxes over 70 pounds

  • Use more boxes than less; the overall coast is cheaper in the long run.
  • Pack books and heavy items in the smaller boxes.
  • Distribute heavy items amongst all your boxes. 

-  Protect your items:

  • Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, newspapers, bedding, towels, clothes.
  • Don't over pack - avoid bulging sides and tops.
  • Don't under pack - avoid loose items and voids in boxes.
  • Use original boxes when possible to store your electronic items.
  • No original box for your TV or ? - ask us for extra cardboard to wrap around and protect it.